Junior ADHD Mentor Services (JAMS)


What is a Junior ADHD Mentor?


School Support is aimed at children who are struggling at school and often lack an understanding of their disorder. We work one to one with a child encouraging them to learn about ADHD, understand their deficits and the best ways to manage it. It is important that a child has confidence in who they are and quite often they find it difficult to communicate effectively, remember things and organise themselves.

A mentor will work with your child to help them take control of their behaviour, identify their strengths and help them overcome the barriers to achievement.

During the diagnosis process the child will see doctors and paediatricians, possibly try medication, and have constant reminders to sit still and focus. We work with your child to help them understand how to use the tools they have and to overcome the tools that may be missing by seeing the positives and qualities of having ADHD/ADD. Your child will learn ways to remember things, how to be distracted constructively, build their self esteem and be proud of who they are.


Is my child eligible for School Support?


To apply for Junior ADHD/ADD mentor (School Support) each child will need to be aware that they have ADHD/ADD and would like to improve their deficits and be willing to try different strategies to help achieve that. Depending on the childs age it may be reading children’s books on ADHD and understanding how ADHD presents it self to using equipment to support the child in school and learn organisation strategies to move forward to a positive future.


How does support work in practice?


The mentor works with the parent/carer/teacher/teaching assistant to identify the areas of most concern and then works through strategies with both short-term and long-term goals.

A regular session will last one hour and these will usually take place on a weekly basis within school if possible. Telephone/email/text/Skype support may also be provided in between sessions if necessary.

How much does School Support cost?


Initial consultation: £28.00 and will last around one hour

Cost per session: £25.00 (1 hour)


If you would like to book a consultation or require more information, please email us at enquiries@addprotrainingservices.co.uk or call 01263 734808

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